The Lie about Lying

And how to find out who the liars are?!

I must say, I agree with Alex Russo on this one. Let’s take the example given above:

So based on the scene from Wizards of Waverly Place Ep Max’s Secret Girlfriend, we see that Max was going out with a girl, Nancy, from whom he had hidden his true identity. He called himself ‘Tom Sawyer’ which according to him was not very obvi. His parents were totally bewildered by him.

They advised him to tell her the truth and so Max told her the truth and also the fact that he was a wizard. We all have never seen so much ketchup on the ceiling before thanks to Jerry Russo:)

In the first case Max had lied about his true identity and gotten into trouble and when he finally told the truth he still got into trouble! Can anyone of you relate to this in your real lives?

Here’s another one. (Alex Russo again because she’s a great liar and is right nearly right most of the times about lying.)

Growing up you probably heard your parents and teachers saying the same thing over and over again. “You should always say the truth”. And maybe also Dhar Mann: “What happens in the dark always comes to light.” Yes, agreed that lying is not a good thing. You should always say the truth. To hide one lie you have to tell another lie and the cycle keeps going on and on!

Joey Tribbiani being relatable

However, has this ever happened to you that when you confront to a friend about something they seem to take it in a negative way. The next thing we know they won’t talk to you or might just make fun of you back? They take the truth as a bad thing!

Let’s say for Christmas, your grandmother knits you a sweater that is, well, hideous. You would probably tell her, “It’s beautiful, grandma! I really needed a sweater. How did you know?!”

Well, saying this you become a liar. Don’t feel bad though! Sometimes we lie to others to not hurt their feelings!

However, let’s say in a relationship you lied to your partner. Once you get caught telling a lie, it will destroy your relationship!

Before you lie to someone, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Can they change and grow from my honest feedback, or am I just being too blunt that it might be hurtful?
  • Will I hurt their feelings if I tell them the truth?
  • What if someone told me the same truth? How would I feel?
  • Avoiding telling the truth in this situation is an act of cowardice or compassion?

What if someone is lying to you? How do you find that out?
It’s quite simple really. You have to become you’re own lie detector! See if the person talking to you is:

  • Clearing their throat a lot
  • Avoiding eye contact with you
  • There is a change in their tone/volume
  • Reddening slightly on their face or neck
  • Rubbing, stroking, or pulling on the nose
  • Making a slip of the tongue while denying something
  • Appearing uncomfortable

If you see any of these signs then that means a person is most probably lying to you! Or maybe not.

Lying is wrong, as Chandler says. However not in every scenario. Though I must say in Chandler’s case, he really shouldn’t have lied to Joey about watching the tape. Look how it brought him to an uncomfortable spot!

I hope this article helps you in the future! I really enjoyed writing it. When you lie (for good, obvi) then try not to be as obvious as Joey 😂!




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